Herbarium, Biodiversity Centre of Ontario (OAS)

FOIBIS includes about 5,456 species, including vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens that have naturalized in the province of Ontario. It includes native species as well as some ornamentals, weeds, invasive alien plants, arctic disjuncts and agricultural plants. Information about phytogeography, rarity, a vegetation alpha code system, and latest botanical nomenclature. The following information is provided for each species: family, genus and species names; scientific synonyms; up to 2 common names; a French name if available; vegetation code; Bayer code; coding for rarity, alien (weed), native, life form, life cycle; medicinal notes; available web-pictures link and other related information.
Contact: Carole Ann Lacroix, Curator of Phanerogam Col (botcal@uoguelph.ca)
Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Data snapshot of local collection database
Last Update: 29 July 2015
IPT / DwC-A Source:
Digital Metadata: EML File
Collection Statistics
  • 10,103 occurrence
  • 0 georeferenced
  • 10,026 (99%) with images
  • 8,886 (88%) identified to species
  • 37 families
  • 45 genera
  • 821 species
  • 889 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
Extra Statistics